The Challenge

Imagine a mobile app that enables you to discover content that matters to you. Nooz learns your preferences and is structured around communities and channels that maximize content relevancy. Simply link your social media account and we will give you the absolute best news to suit your interests. Nooz also allows publishers to submit their content to the Nooz platform.


The goal of this concept was to create an automated news feed that feels as though it knows you personally. The secondary goal was to allow users to easily subscribe to a particular topic or publisher. The target audience is an older generation that would be familiar with using traditional iOS UI patterns, so I kept the style traditional and minimalistic. I chose to follow the same UI pattern as Apple News for the navigation bar. I also chose blue as the primary color for the brand to convey themes of confidence, calmness, and intelligence.

Visual Solutions

To start designing visuals, I assumed that content discovery was the primary goal of the user interface. Once the user searches, article image, description, thumbnail, and publisher are the most important things in helping the user to determine whether they want to read an article or subscribe to a channel. The two most important UI actions for our application will be to “follow” and “like”.